Workers Compensation Services

hands on physical therapy

Comprehensive Physical Therapy

  1. Injury Evaluation
  2. Reducing Pain
  3. Rehabilitation & Preparation to Return To Work
work hardening

Work Hardening & Work Conditioning

  1. Evaluation of current rehab progress
  2. Create simulated work environment and movements
  3. Train for work endurance and injury prevention
Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

  1. One on one physical test with Certified FCE Therapist
  2. A set of tests, practices and observations that are used to determine if you are prepared to function in specific work circumstances.
  3. Results & Analysis provided to your MD.

The Best PT for your Work Injury

Direct Access

  • We’ve worked with over 250 Chicagoland workmans comp attorneys, chances are, we have an established relationship with yours already.
  • You have direct access to our billing staff- same day turnaround for requests.
  • No need to subpoena us, we’ll automatically send your discharge records to your attorney when you are finished treating.


  • We offer complimentary transportation to and from therapy!
  • This service is free and will not be billed to you or your attorney.
  • Using our tranportation helps ensure you make it to therapy regularly, making you get better, faster!

Case Management

  • Do you need help finding Doctors or Physicians for your work injury? Is your case denied?
  • We’ll help you find a doctor for your injury
  • Do you need an attorney? We can connect you to a number of workmans comp lawyers.
  • Reach out to see a Doctor right away!
  • Same Day Physical Therapy appointments available.

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