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Premier Physical Therapy in Roselle is located right off Lake and Gary! In the shopping center with Dunkin’ Donuts and Jimmy Johns! Come by for Dr. Dan’s 5 Star physical therapy treatment!

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Premier Physical therapy in roselle il

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  • Blue Cross Blue Shield- PPO Plans, Medicare Replacement Policies, Federal Employees, Anthem, Blue Cross Community MMAI
  • Medicare- Traditional Medicare, Advantage/Replacement Plans, Railroad Medicare
  • Humana- PPO policies, Medicare Replacement Policies
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  • Workers Compensation: We Accept All Insurances & Cases
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Premier Physical Therapy prides itself on offering the most affordable cash pay pyhsical therapy in Chicago. Give us a call or text to see how we can help you, with or without insurance!

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Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

Uncomfortable back pain, a pinched neck, sore shoulders? Whatever your ache or pain, Premier Physical Therapy will get you back to living!

Neuropathy Treatment

Looking for ways to manage, reduce or eliminate your Neuropathy Symptoms? Our Neuropathy Treatment Program has a 98% success rate!

Vestibular Rehab (VRT)

VRT helps patients who suffer from vertigo, BPPV, migraines and dizziness. Our Physical Therapists are specially trained for Neurological conditions.

Sports Injury

If you play sports or other recreational activities, chances are you’ll suffer an injury at some point. We’ll help you get better, faster and reduce future injury!

Post Surgery

Now that you’ve gone through surgery, it’s time to get you back to normal. Work with our passionate and dedicated team of physical therapists, we will work to restore your range of motion, strength and retraining your movements.

Work Injury

Have you been injured at work or on the job? Physical therapy after a work injury is one of the most common treatments. We accept all Workers Compensation insurance! Premier is Chicago’s #1 choice for work injuries.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen, but it doesn’t mean you should pay for it. If you’ve been involved in a car accident or slip and fall, we can help you get back to your normal self while working with the liability insurance to pay for your treatment.

Sprains, Strains & Tears

Sprains, strains and tears happen when you least expect it. Just one wrong move and you could be in pain for weeks! With our advanced laser therapy technology and highly trained physical therapists you can  get pain relief faster.

Dr. Dan Lehoux

Dr. Lehoux (Dr. Dan) is an experienced, highly rated Chriopractor who focuses on physical therapy and rehab techniques. He is friendly, compassionate and treats his patients like family..

Our Roselle physical therapy clinic offers private treatment rooms for comfortable, uninterrupted e-stim, laser treatment or manual therapies.

With modern equipment and friendly staff, Premier Physical Therapy in Roselle off Lake Street will get you back to 100% in no time!

Premier physical therapy in Roselle
Patient Reviews

Dr. Dan is awesome and Heather is awesome, they work great together.
galaxy j7
galaxy j7
18:04 13 Jun 19
Since I hurt my knee back and September this is the 1st place that actually feels like you're doing something to help
Shawn Goodwin
Shawn Goodwin
18:18 09 Nov 18
Dan the physical therapist is the best, very knowledgeable, patient and always has a positive attitude. Would definitely recomend to my friends and family.
Maria Corona
Maria Corona
03:31 01 Jun 18
Premier Physical Therapy in Roselle is hands down the best that I have ever been to the Therapist is so knowledgeable I highly recommend them
Rickey Carter
Rickey Carter
14:02 31 May 18
Nice people, but quality of therapy needs help. Not enough employees.Update; April, 2018. My 2nd. time going here for Physical Therapy. I have Arthritis , & had bi-lateral hip replacement surgery done, so, I've been exposed to numerous Therapists. Farese , & the new Physical Therapist they have now are the BEST I've seen. I start therapy instead of going to a Dr. for pain meds , & the P.T. Really works! I only take over the counter Ibuprofen, & the pain goes away in time. Just need to go to therapy, do my excersizes, be patient & I feel much better. Amazing !
Lana Palij
Lana Palij
04:25 18 Apr 18
Dan is the best therapist ever.I have a lower back problem and he has helped me so much.He listens to his patients and tries to help as much as he can.Dan and his staff are just the best!!!!!
Jacek Zych
Jacek Zych
15:33 26 Feb 18
This is one the best Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy facilities that we have ever encountered. Dr. Dan and Elena are very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. They listen very closely to your concerns and try very hard for you to accomplish your goals in a safe and timely manor. All of our questions from Therapy to Billing are always answered and taken care quickly and very professionally.I would recommend this office to all of my Friends and Family and to all of those needing Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services.
Joseph Anthony Joey Domino
Joseph Anthony Joey Domino
21:37 12 Feb 18
Dr Dan and staff are amazing!!
store 8700
store 8700
16:31 29 Nov 17
I have been attending physical therapy at Premier Physical Therapy at Roselle location for about 2 months due to a car accident. At the beginning I was in a great amount of pain followed by ongoing frustration since my life was altered. Dan, the physical therapist, was very understanding, professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and extremely positive when working with me. To be absolutely honest, I feel as I was a more difficult patient. Dan always attended to my personal needs. You could feel he loves helping his patients! Things he thought me will stay with me forever. I will continue to work on improving my wellbeing even after my therapy is finished. Thank you Dan and the staff for all your wonderful work! I will never forget you!
Sylvia Kuprowski
Sylvia Kuprowski
00:43 17 Oct 17
Theresa found all the muscles that impeded my wrist from turning all the way up. It will hurt like hell when you originally find the main muscle but then with time , exercise and the roll pin your pain will surely go away. I was stunned to find out that some one was able to check my wrist and make sure it was back to normal.
Christian Ivan Carreño
Christian Ivan Carreño
19:00 08 Jun 17

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