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One of the Premier Physical Therapy locations in Chicago, IL is located on State Street in the South Loop.

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Timeka was vert helpful and patient. She made the whole experience pleasant and comfortable. I recommend going here for any physical therapy needs. They are always will to help and accommodate.
Henry Taylor
Henry T.
18:49 18 Mar 20
The facility here is amazing. The technicians are very attentive and are genuinely concerned about patient’s recovery. I would recommend this place to get you back in shape.
Derrick Martin
Derrick M.
14:21 12 Mar 20
Y'all need to come to PPT to get your bones worked on! With the power of the lord and the power and the power of these amazing people I have felt so much better. I can actually sleep through the night feeling great. I feel the pain subside and I feel the peace in this place. The doctor is so smart and hands on, RoRo leaves the environment so vibrant with a happy energetic attitude and Timeka is always smiling when I come through the door. They are amazing and make me excited to come to therap . Thank god I found them
Gloria Harris
Gloria H.
20:19 10 Mar 20
This is the most best and wonderful chiropractor I have ever been to they are they best, I wish I was able to keep it up but I can’t afford the prices
Tiffina Lacy
Tiffina L.
16:55 04 Mar 20
Best staff! Best service!
Abdullah Aly
Abdullah A.
14:52 03 Mar 20
Rola is awesome!
Eada Neal
Eada N.
22:10 02 Mar 20
I appreciate that Dr Collins is always happy to share his in-depth knowledge of the mechanics behind the issue being addressed.My issues are on-going, but with the help of the caring staff here I expect to be able to avoid surgery!I am dealing with multiple hip & leg issues. His initial assessment and prescribed exercises & stretches target the issues specifically. Once I had imaging done, it confirmed his diagnosis AND provided further detail. In turn, he made slight tweaks to the exercises to ensure we’re addressing my issues as thoroughly as possible.The staff (I have worked primarily with Monique, Rolla, and Tamika) has been warm & friendly and happy to assist in any way.In general they’ve been flexible with scheduling and even adapted to my re-scheduling appointments on short notice.
Wesley Gehbauer
Wesley G.
21:24 21 Oct 19
They did way more then any of the other I have went to for therapy an after my surgery I'm going to ask to come back her the whole staff are nice an respectful an I would send people i know here thanks too the whole team for helping me out
james smith
james S.
19:57 09 Oct 19
Mo' Money & Rola (RoRo) make you feel like family and they care about you as much as you care about yourself. Matt (the doc) is very informative and helpful. He is a wealth of knowledge which can be overwhelming for some, but don't fret and don't be overwhelmed. He cares about his patients and is very knowledgeable at what he does.
14:46 07 Oct 19
Monee & Rola are the best. They really made this experience better for me. The physical therapy helped me out a lot 💯❤️💕
Tashona Payton
Tashona P.
16:03 08 Sep 19
Truly appreciate the help I have been offered. The girls at this location are fantastic. They are very charismatic, always ask if I need help or water. The doctor is smart and knowledgeable. I'm grateful for the experience I have had.
Comfort L
Comfort L
13:48 04 Sep 19
My technicians are so great very motivating super nice . Rola and Monique are the best love you guys they are the best hands down !! They stay on me to keep coming and I appreciate it. Recommended
Jaquata Henderson
Jaquata H.
20:46 28 Aug 19
Great service, wonderful staff, very helpful and always smiling faces! Doc is very nice!
lee hodges II
lee hodges I.
21:02 27 Aug 19
I want to start by saying that I’ve seen all doctors and specialists under the Sun (physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, Massage therapist, acupuncturist) before I came to this Clinic. I can say that nowhere did I find anyone that gave me relief from all the back ,leg ,hip and shoulder pain I’ve experienced for more than 20 years. Not only the doctor is kind and very welcoming, but also for every session I took, I’ve learned new things about my body and how it eventually got better. Dr. Clement has this particular way of figuring out all the muscle imbalance. Once that's done, he works on treating the physical aspect of the problem. By combining both, your body is able to heal faster and in the most wonderful way, He has other ways of treating his patients. All sessions are explained very well, making sure that everything is done while understanding what’s happening. He will listen to every single detail brought forward and take impeccable notes. He use different tricks and sometimes if he has to refer you to the right people, he makes sure to explain the reason why its needed and how it can improve your body faster.I will like to thank Dr.Clement for all the hard work done while I was being treated.
tahani tarabeh
tahani T.
16:56 26 Aug 19
This is a nice place i reccomend going here , they work around your schedule and they have a very friendly environment
Laveda Banks
Laveda B.
16:44 08 Aug 19
I have had a great experience with this location/facility. The 2 young women are awesome. The Doctor is really great he explains things well and it seems as tho he and his staff cares. Good Job Guy and Gals!!!
Felicia Begay
Felicia B.
21:21 07 Aug 19
Honestly 1 of the best places I've ever been they were very professional knew what they were talking about and had me feeling much better in no time.I highly recommended any and everyone to come here.Special thanks to my technicians Monique and Rola they're the BEST
Demetrius Lewis
Demetrius L.
18:05 07 Aug 19
Great service and Amazing people.
Davon Minnis
Davon M.
15:05 07 Aug 19
The ladies here are real cool. I enjoyed their company they always make me laug . They fun peopl . I like coming to my appts because they make it fun for me.
Cynyhia Blanks
Cynyhia B.
14:47 07 Aug 19
Monique and Rola have been a great help throughout my process of recovery.I have received tremendous support at every single visit. Because of their professionalism I have suggested this facilities service others.
Troy Gaston
Troy G.
18:18 02 Aug 19
The ladys are very nice n respectful they make sure u get your therpy going on i love this place
Tasha Oneal
Tasha O.
17:10 26 Jul 19
Really great place to come get rehab. The PT is great and really knows his stuff. And the staff is super friendly and on time.
Mayah Solh
Mayah S.
16:23 26 Jul 19
Really great rehab the doctor there knows what the hell is going on
Pat Nelson
Pat N.
03:24 14 Jul 19
The staff was very friendly😊
shona williams
shona W.
17:50 26 May 19
Very good customer service, the doctor challenged me to get better at physical fitness 👍🏽👍🏽
Serena Hall
Serena H.
16:59 28 Mar 19
The Dr and Jahnel are a good team!
15:27 27 Mar 19
Both Rachel and Jenae were awesome, very attentive to all my needs, patient, and make the atmosphere fun.
lala95 lawson
lala95 L.
17:18 28 Feb 19
Clean facility and staff is very fast and friendly.
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elizabeth R.
19:39 31 Dec 18
Premier Physical Therapy is the best therapy that I've ever been to there so great here I would recommend them to everyone
Antione Chester
Antione C.
17:31 31 Dec 18
Good place to receive treatment if you are injured.
Christian Fuller
Christian F.
16:45 31 Dec 18
Very professional and good healing environment. I highly recommend this facility. The nurses are very hands on and friendly.
Alonzo Smith
Alonzo S.
08:25 30 Nov 18
I enjoy coming to my appointments the staff make you feel welcomed.
Dontay Crims
Dontay C.
19:18 29 Nov 18
Very friendly, super supportive to your needs I recommend anyone to this therapeutic greatness!!!!
Corvette Shores
Corvette S.
15:42 29 Nov 18
The staff are wonderful they treat me like I am family & make sure I get to Therapy!
Shirley Battle
Shirley B.
18:39 15 Nov 18
Excellent care at this facility and promt service.
Nosayaba Aye
Nosayaba A.
16:58 19 Oct 18
Great physical therapy
Ryan Harris
Ryan H.
15:42 28 Sep 18
I like the conversations I have with the Dr and staff. They are attentive and friendly.
Gwen Jones
Gwen J.
19:47 26 Sep 18
I like that compassion the staff shows me, They work with you & are helpful with helping my injury.
Adrienne Sanders
Adrienne S.
18:53 26 Sep 18
Great place to get the treatment for a injury.
Dee Cln
Dee C.
19:25 31 Aug 18
I came in to Premier in *severe* lower back pain, only a few weeks after moving to Chicago and on very short notice. They saw me right away, quickly figured out what stretches and exercises were right for my back, and put me on a regular -- but quite convenient -- exercise scheduleI'd been to physical therapists before, but with little success. Premier is different. The people here are super nice, the work is highly personalized, and you can tell they really care about all of their patients and getting them out of pain. One month later I still have some pain, but am light-years ahead of when I came in and, most importantly, now have the tools to keep improving. I would highly recommend Premier Physical Therapy for anyone struggling with chronic pain.
Peter Hull
Peter H.
14:49 27 Aug 18
Dr. Beavers, Jahnel, & Rachel are great. Do not get it twisted or confused they will help you recover properly. Dr. Beavers will help & challenge you throughout the process. She is a serious asset who will ascend in career & possibly life.
16:45 23 Aug 18
The customer service here is outstanding. The staff helps you get better and great motivation. I would def. recommend to anyone who is trying to get better.
Big Dawg
Big D.
13:55 31 Jul 18
My experience was awesome. The women working there are so sweet and go above and beyond to accommodate you. I appreciate the fact that they make sure that you’re comfortable with all of the exercises before moving into the task. Magnificent place with good spirited people and complete professionalism. If you’re looking for a place that actually wants to rehabilitate you back to health this is it.
Scorpio Goddess
Scorpio G.
18:12 29 Jun 18
Professional team and they helping me progress
Janaye Murphy
Janaye M.
17:42 28 Jun 18
Very awesome people to work with the workouts are amazing and helps your injury they’re very nice and there to answer any questions you may have.
charmaine jones
charmaine J.
17:20 28 Jun 18
The therapy is helping me heal.
Queen Bee
Queen B.
15:11 28 Jun 18
Therapists there are excellent. Very attentive and professional. Make sure to do the recommended exercises outside of therapy
Jameel Rashad
Jameel R.
14:57 28 Jun 18
Las trsbajadoras me andan ayudando porner me mas mejor. La doctora sabe vien lo que hace.
Elvira Garcia
Elvira G.
18:43 27 Jun 18
Excellent professional workers who are putting me on a right track for healing!
Willie Price
Willie P.
15:37 21 Jun 18
They are outstanding!The staffs are friendly. Jahnel greets me as I enter. I never had to wait. She took care of all the sceduling to accommodate my need. Rachel helped me to ease the mucsles with heating pad and more. I also learned a lot from the therapist and feel much better. Nicole was great explaining which muscles are engaged for each exercise to relieve the pain and gain strength.
hyobee Hyob
hyobee H.
03:12 01 Jun 18
The therapy I’m receiving here is top notch and is really making a difference in my healing process.
Nastasya Muller
Nastasya M.
16:48 30 May 18
Therapy has been helpful the staff makes sure you are getting the necessary treatment and always greet us with a smile😊
Robinl Coleman
Robinl C.
16:27 30 May 18
Rachel & Jahnel are very helpful and a nice. They make sure we get our therapy in.
16:16 30 May 18
I like this therapy office because the staff are very outgoing and always on task about what you need help with and how to get it improved
DeeDee Batie
DeeDee B.
15:31 30 Apr 18
I love the ladies there. They are an amazing team together and make sure you are on top of your therapy. You walk in to friendly smiles and greetings and walk out to have good days and good weekends. Every visit is a great workout with good vibes. Who knew therapy could be so great. 👍🏿👍🏿
Antwain Jones
Antwain J.
16:55 27 Apr 18
The staff here is awesome and very helpful! I’m feeling better and better each session! Thanks Premier.
Julz Got Dat Honey
Julz Got Dat H.
14:23 27 Apr 18
My experience at therapy so far has been great. The entire staff has been extremely helpful.
Jon Schreiber
Jon S.
14:23 27 Apr 18
The therapist and staff is awesome. They were knowledgeable about helping me learn exercises torelieve stress and pain in my lower back , neck, and shoulder area. They are encouraging and patient offering suggestions to assist me with daily tasks at home and work. These suggestions has helped me to function much better with less pain.
LaConda Lisenby
LaConda L.
14:09 27 Apr 18
I really enjoy working with the staff here!
Debbie Turnbull
Debbie T.
14:00 27 Apr 18
This therapy has helped me progress. The facility is so clean, and the staff is awesome.
Laura Friend
Laura F.
18:46 26 Apr 18
Great team! Very professional treatment and helpful staff. Feeling much better after 3 weeks of therapy. Thank you.
Carla Williams
Carla W.
18:01 16 Apr 18
Therapy at this facility is amazing! Nicole is an amazing physical therapist. The staff is well trained and friendly and most importantly they are clean! I will definitely recommend this place!
Melinda Decatus
Melinda D.
16:09 09 Apr 18
The staff were very helpful and helped me get better. They are a good team!
Amel Afroun
Amel A.
16:28 30 Mar 18
After a year of Pain in my shoulder and elbow, it took the wonderful team at Premier less than 3 weeks to make my pain and discomfort to disappear. Dr. Nicole Beavers is excellent and goes out of her way to help you get better. i highly recommend this practice
Mustapha Hotait
Mustapha H.
14:41 30 Mar 18
The staff at Premier is amazing. They are are very professional and courteous. They are able to accommodate work schedules. The staff cares greatly about their patients. The location is clean. I would highly recommend to anyone for physical therapy needs.
Jennifer Turner
Jennifer T.
13:49 30 Mar 18
Therapy that really help me, and staff makes me feel comfortable
Song-apsorn Charoenchai
Song-apsorn C.
19:35 29 Mar 18
I’m here getting treatment, the ladies here are so Helpful. I Have 4 more weeks left and I’ll be back ready to take on the world.
Donovan Allen
Donovan A.
17:28 29 Mar 18
The therapy helped me get better the staff works well and makes u feel comfortable
Leo Perkins
Leo P.
15:17 26 Mar 18
I love the energy of the Ladies! Plus the therapy is amazing!
Velina Walker
Velina W.
19:50 28 Feb 18
Everyone is friendly, always courteous and very professional. They always remind their clients to stop the exercise if any pain is felt. I am not yet at 100%; however I do feel that I am improving.
Marjorie Flowers
Marjorie F.
18:23 28 Feb 18
The Therapist and staff are helpful and makd your visit pleasant.
Joe Wiliams
Joe W.
16:48 28 Feb 18
The therapist was very nice in very friendly. Transportation was very helpful.
Dorothy Young
Dorothy Y.
16:45 28 Feb 18
the therapy help me a lot! Friendly staffs 5 stars
Chu Zhu
Chu Z.
17:34 26 Feb 18
OMG! I never knew, or even thought physical therapy would be this helpful! Since beginning therapy 4 weeks ago I have gained so much strength back in my leg/ankle; not to mention the courage that I gained! The therapist was great, she is very thorough and attentive. The staff are friendly and accommodating as well! I would recommend this place to everyone.
Montoya Williams
Montoya W.
19:27 23 Feb 18
I would like to start by saying the three trainers Rachel, Jahnel, and Nicole are very knowledgeable and helpful with the recovery process. A great bunch of people to work with.
Dan Trebble
Dan T.
20:26 16 Feb 18
Love this place the vibe I got from Nicole, Rachel, and Jahnel made my recovery much easier. Don’t wish injury on anyone but if you get hurt you should definitely come here.
Maceo Penn
Maceo P.
20:25 16 Feb 18
Workers are very nice, attentive, and welcoming. They gave me exercises that really strengthened my back and other muscles. My body is stronger than ever. Thanks Premier Physical Therapy.
Teddeye Jackson
Teddeye J.
15:29 12 Dec 17
Love this place. Great PT and people here.
Karen McBride
Karen M.
20:31 21 Oct 17
The staff here are very nice and they do excellent work and they are so respectable
Sonja Swanigan
Sonja S.
17:51 20 Oct 17
This place is awesome the staff is great place is very clean to
Larry Morones
Larry M.
13:49 06 Sep 17
These people are great, very professional and they helped me out with my shoulder injury. Thanks to Marti and the staff.
Matthew Powell
Matthew P.
17:32 05 Sep 17
Good staff to work with and they help you get better.
Sheena McDowell
Sheena M.
17:07 05 Sep 17
I like this place. They get there job done and they really work with u . thanks for the therapy it really helped me out !!!
Nikki Henry
Nikki H.
15:31 26 Jul 17
Jahnel , Janessa and Rachel are a great team . They go above and beyond the call of duty for their patients and are very professional in the most hectic of situation. Kudos to them all.
Angelina Solorio
Angelina S.
16:52 19 Jul 17
Great folks very personal real and concerned
Dugar Elliot
Dugar E.
15:34 30 Jun 17
I like this place because the staff makes sure i get the therapy i need.
Bennie Dean
Bennie D.
14:54 21 Jun 17
The staff is helpful and nice.
Laroyce Holmes
Laroyce H.
14:27 21 Jun 17
Great staff
shaquta nash
shaquta N.
14:22 21 Jun 17
Just started therapy yesterday and it's been good so far
Deborah Ward
Deborah W.
18:28 09 Jun 17
Luv the ice treatment great group of people!
Frankie Kennels
Frankie K.
15:43 09 Jun 17
Very clean facility with great service! They make you feel as comfortable as possible and are very helpful. Jenessa, Jahnel and Vanessa are the best ever, they're awesome!
Briana Stewart
Briana S.
16:34 08 Jun 17
Im a patient as of 6/5/17 and i rate the business 5 stars because they're friendly and very upbeat in the morning.
Chris J
Chris J
14:20 08 Jun 17
Friendly, Great Customer Service Skills. I was able to walk in with less than 5 mins or less wait time. They have a clean bathroom as well.
Claress Huston
Claress H.
14:13 08 Jun 17
Therapist and workers are really helpful and super supportive. I'm very comfortable with this location.
Angela Rayford
Angela R.
14:09 08 Jun 17
Everyone is friendly, helpful, profedsional, and knowledgable.
Quintin Jones
Quintin J.
16:59 07 Jun 17
The best people to work with!
Will Flax
Will F.
16:19 07 Jun 17
The staff are great they are bringing me a long way and helping me have a better view on my health. Thank you girls!
Lloyd Haywood
Lloyd H.
15:18 07 Jun 17
I give premier physical therapy on state and lake they have really been helpful to get me right back together to return to work i also wanna say they staff are very friendly and humble with the clients they have love you ladies there. Keep up the good work .
Sharon Banks
Sharon B.
15:17 07 Jun 17
The staff is great and d other best to help me.
Laurice Johnson
Laurice J.
15:14 07 Jun 17

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Uncomfortable back pain, a pinched neck, sore shoulders? Whatever your ache or pain, Premier Physical Therapy will get you back to living!

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Looking for ways to manage, reduce or eliminate your Neuropathy Symptoms? Our Neuropathy Treatment Program has a 98% success rate!

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VRT helps patients who suffer from vertigo, BPPV, migraines and dizziness. Our Physical Therapists are specially trained for Neurological conditions.

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Sprains, Strains & Tears

Sprains, strains and tears happen when you least expect it. Just one wrong move and you could be in pain for weeks! With our advanced laser therapy technology and highly trained physical therapists you can  get pain relief faster.

Dr. Nicole Beavers

Dr. Nicole Beavers is an experienced, highly rated physical therapist in Chicago. She is friendly, compassionate and treats her patients like family.

Our Chicago physical therapy clinic offers private treatment rooms for comfortable, uninterrupted e-stim, laser treatment or manual therapies.

With modern equipment and friendly staff, Premier Physical Therapy in Chicago off State Street will get you back to 100% in no time!

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