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We’re located in Fox Valley Mall in Aurora! We’re in the strip mall right next to the McDonald’s on Route 59.

Premier Physical Therapy in Aurora

Sana Omer, PT is a physical therapist in Oak Park, IL

Sana Omer, PT

Sana is an experienced, highly rated physical therapist in Aurora. She is friendly, compassionate, and treats her patients like family.
Private physical therapy treatment rooms in Oak Park

Private Treatment Rooms

Our Aurora physical therapy clinic offers private treatment rooms for comfortable, uninterrupted electric stimulation, laser treatment, and manual therapies.
modern physical therapy equipment and technology for treatment

Modern Equipment

At Premier, we take pride in our equipment and technology standard. We utilize a combination of traditional and modern physical therapy and treatment methods.

What We Treat:

Happy Patient Reviews

  • Qiana Hill Avatar

    Qiana Hill

    5 star rating

    Very professional and highly knowledgeable on recovering and getting stronger!! Nate and Sana are awesome!!! Thank you both so much!!

    Mechie Silas Avatar

    Mechie Silas

    5 star rating

    Can't say enough good things about this place. You would think that being in therapy three days a week would... read more

    Rio Lee Avatar

    Rio Lee

    5 star rating

    Excellent experience at premier. I always felt like I received the attention I required. It's nice to feel comfortable with... read more

    Ryan Bugz Avatar

    Ryan Bugz

    5 star rating

    Great physical therapist and staff would highly recommend

  • Linda Boeske Aldis Avatar

    Linda Boeske Aldis

    5 star rating

    Premier has been an incredible experience for me! I love walking in here, because I know that when I leave... read more

    Sandra Bails Avatar

    Sandra Bails

    5 star rating

    Excellent service! Genuine hospitality!

    Jennifer Cecola Avatar

    Jennifer Cecola

    5 star rating

    Premier has done wonders for my injuries. The personal care they give is beyond anything I've ever received. They truly... read more

    Sheila Heyward Avatar

    Sheila Heyward

    5 star rating

    I personally would recommend this facility for anyone needing great physical therapy. The personalized care they provide supersedes any big... read more

  • Miguel Argueta Avatar

    Miguel Argueta

    5 star rating

    love premiere physical therapy because they actually try to get you better and are not just there for the... read more

    lily mariano Avatar

    lily mariano

    5 star rating

    Love the place. Awsome people. Nate is a very nice guy and awsome helper w the therapy


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